We invest in the long-term success of European software companies and their leaders.

A bit about us.

Kaperia is a subsidiary to Esmaeilzadeh Holding AB (EHAB Group), a listed company based in Sweden. With extensive acquisition experience in various sectors and geographies, we maintain an entrepreneurial vision, a decentralized business model and our mission to empower great entrepreneurs and businesses in Europe to become exceptional.

The Kaperia Team.

At Kaperia, we are entrepreneurs that focus on building a stable and profitable future with the best tech companies in Europe. Our companies join our extensive ecosystem with access to the knowledge and experience of countless like-minded entrepreneurs from various industries.

Fabian Assarsson


Wilhelm von Arndt


Nicholas Stael von Holstein

M&A Associate

Esmaeilzadeh Holding was founded with the belief that our experiences as entrepreneurs make us better investors, and that our experiences as investors make us better entrepreneurs. Their mission is to establish and develop entrepreneurial platforms to enable organic and acquisition-oriented growth in a variety of sectors.

Our principles.


Our mission is to empower our leaders to grow their businesses and continue building their legacies. Kaperia supports entrepreneurs across Europe; through capital, networking, and experience we'll grow together.


Building a stable and profitable future together with the best IT- entrepreneurs across Europe.


We have built Kaperia through trust and transparency. We trust our entrepreneurs to know what's best for their companies, from this we can empower them to keep growing autonomously.